Welcome to Wellington Cycle Chic!

Cycle Chic has been around as long as the bike has, yet New Zealand has gone through a prolonged phase of considering cycling to be a sport only. It is not. Many New Zealanders are rediscovering the joys of cycling for transport, for fresh air, or for fun. It’s a great way to get to your local cafe!

As cyclist numbers have recently doubled in Wellington, we’re trying to document what Cycle Chic means to Wellington cyclists – be it frockers in polka dots, dapper lads in tweed, or mums and dads wearing jeans and jandals. Whatever your style is, just add a bike and it becomes Cycle Style!

Feel free to send in your photos. One rule: no sportswear! There’s plenty of room for that elsewhere.

Hope you enjoy the photos… and more importantly, enjoy getting out on your bike!

Oh, and we’re also on twitter @wellycyclechic