Hipsters (and a tourist) in the Big Apple

From the archives – what fun cycling around New York last summer (our winter) – great infrastructure and lots of hipster cyclists making it such a cool thing to do! Posted 24 March 2012.

Taking on the Williamsburg Bridge to Brooklyn

Shunning NY yellow taxi’s in favour of cycling

Nice wheels, Chinatown, NY

Wicked tatoo of a tree, yellow single speed, Chinatown, NY

NY waterfront looking out towards to Jersey 

Dedicated cycle way along Manhatten – great for commuting to work

Sometimes crossing busy lower Manhatten streets with pedestrians is the best way to go 

Brooklyn Bridge cycle and pedestrian path

Williamsburg cyclist

Purple and turquise combo, Williamsburg, NY

Shopping and cycling, Williamsburg, NY

Spot the tourist, night riding along the Hudson after dinner in Williamsburg and riding over the Williamsburg bridge at night – magic!